IRS Eases Rules on Hardship Exemptions

November 22, 2014 The IRS announced yesterday (Nov. 21, 2014) that it has made it easier for those subject to the Act to qualify for an exemption from the rule requiring that an Read More

House Republicans Sue Administration on ACA

November 22, 2014 Republican members the House Representatives announced Friday, Nov. 21st, that they have filed a lawsuit against the Obama administration’s “unilateral actions” implementing the Act. The lawsuit says the administration unlawfully Read More

1 in 4 Latinos Not Covered by ACA

November 12, 2014 A quarter all Hispanics in the United States lack, the highest rate for any minority in the nation, according to data released by the Census Bureau. About 2.6 million an Read More

Administration Predicts Lower ACA Enrollment

November 11, 2014 Obama administration officials say the number of Americans who will gain health coverage during 2015 through Affordable Care Act marketplaces will be about 30% lower than earlier estimates. Health and Read More Readied For Enrollment

November 8, 2014 In advance the November 15 beginning open under the Act, government technology are beefing up to avoid a repetition last year’s glitches. “We’re really making sure that website works super Read More

Supreme Court Will Hear Challenge to ACA

November 7, 2014 A key element the Act – the way the administration is distributing subsidies – is the subject a challenge that the Supreme Court today (Nov. 7, 2014) agreed to hear. Read More

Feds Close “Skinny” Health Plan Loophole

November 6, 2014 Employer’s won’t be able to use so-called “skinny” health plans to meet coverage requirements of the Affordable Care Act, according to a notice issued Nov. 4 by the Internal Revenue Read More