Individual Insurance Market Up 46%

April 30, 2015 The nation’s individual insurance market grew 46% to 15.5 million people in the first year that plans could be purchased through Affordable Care Act marketplaces, according to a study by Read More

California Doctors Support ACA

April 28, 2015 Researchers at UCLA found that about 59% primary care and specialty physicians in California support the Affordable Care Act, and 61% believe the law will either help their practice or Read More

Regulator Calls Rate Hikes ‘Unjustified’

April 28, 2015 California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said Anthem Blue Cross failed to justify premium increases averaging 8.7% on individual health insurance policies grandfathered under Affordable Care Act rules. According to the Read More

Planning for ‘Cadillac Plan’ Taxes

April 23, 2015 Because of the Affordable Care Act, employers may face a 40% excise that tax on health insurance plans that provide “excess” benefits – commonly known as “Cadillac” plans. Employers should Read More

Many Employers Are Covering Part-Time Workers

April 23, 2015 Many large and mid-size companies are extending health insurance coverage beyond their full-time workers to include part-timers in their plans, according to a study by the ADP Research Institute. About Read More
Opinion on ACA Remains Closely Divided

Opinion on ACA Remains Closely Divided

April 20, 2015 A poll tracking Americans’ views the Affordable Care Act shows public opinion holding steady and closely divided, with 43% expressing a favorable view and 42% with an unfavorable view. The Read More

New Privacy Rules For Employer Wellness Programs

April 16, 2015 who include wellness programs as their will get guidance the privacy rights participating employees in new rules proposed by the US Equal Employment Opportunities Commission (EEOC). The proposed rules, published Read More
“Doc Fix” Made Permanent

“Doc Fix” Made Permanent

April 15, 2015 The Senate and House approved a permanent repeal to a widely disliked formula used to pay doctors for services, and President Obama has indicated he will sign the bill. This Read More
Minorities More Affected By Medicaid Gap

Minorities More Affected By Medicaid Gap

April 14, 2015 Low-income Black and Hispanic Americans are much more likely than Whites to be affected by a “ gap” in the 22 states that have not expanded Medicaid, declining funds for Read More

Court Blocks Missouri Rule on ACA Advisors

April 13, 2015 The The US Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit has barred Missouri from enforcing a law that would have required anyone giving advice about the Affordable Care Act to Read More
Uninsured Rate Under 12% in First Quarter

Uninsured Rate Under 12% in First Quarter

April 13, 2015 The rate among U.S. adults declined to 11.9% in the first quarter 2015, a drop one percentage point from the previous quarter and 5.2 points since before the Act went Read More

Accenture Sees Hypergrowth in Private Exchanges

April 12, 2015 The global firm Accenture says private exchanges, which enrolled 6 million people in 2014, will double that number next year and reach 40 million enrollees by 2018. The growth in Read More

Americans More Positive About the ACA

April 8, 2015 Americans’ views about the Affordable Care Act are more positive now than. A poll was taken last November, just after the midterm elections, found only 37% approved of the law, Read More

About 69% of Doctors Accept Medicaid Patients

April 7, 2015 Physicians have been accepting a smaller percentage of new Medicaid patients than patients on Medicare or with private insurance, according to a study by the National Center for Health Statistics Read More

Access to Mental Health Care Strengthened

April 7, 2015 Low-income Americans will have greater access to mental health and substance abuse treatments under a new rule proposed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The proposal applies Read More

First Capitol Featured in Business Journal Article on ACA

April 2, 2015 Companies with fewer than 100 employees who think they don’t have to worry about the Affordable Care Act until 2016 “missed the fine print,” says an article in the Los Read More

Latinos Benefitting From ACA

April 1, 2015 The Affordable Care Act has substantially increased the percentage of Latinos who have healthcare coverage, although more than half of Latinos surveyed said they had heard little or nothing about Read More

Help For Taxpayers With Incorrect 1095-A Forms

April 1, 2015 The Treasury Department has expanded for taxpayers who received incorrect 1095-A from the government after purchasing Affordable Care Act health insurance through a state online marketplace. The agency gave these Read More