Robert Sheen

ACA Times Editor Robert S. Sheen was invited by “Construction Business Owners Magazine” to author a five-part series of articles on the Affordable Care Act. The articles, available below, provide information that can be useful to executives in any business.

  1.  The Affordable Care Act:  Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore It.
    ….>> Read in HTML or  PDF
  2.  Is Your Company an Applicable Large Employer?
    ….>> Read in HTML  or  PDF
  3.  What You Have to Measure, Track and Record Under the ACA
    …. >> Read in HTML  or  PDF
  4.  What Employees Need to Know
    ….>> Read in HTML  or  PDF
  5.  How to Meet ACA Reporting Requirements
    ….>> Read in HTML  or  PDF

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