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Understanding Form 1095-C And What To Do About Errors

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by Robert Sheen

For many employers,Form 1095-C is a new document. It is the Employer-Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage form, used to report that you have offered health care to full-time employees. ThisACA mandate came down hard in the 2015 tax year, as more employers had to move toward offering healthcare coverage or facing the threat of penalties.

Your employees are equally in the dark on this form, as most haven’t received a reported notification that they were “offered” health care—even if they didn’t accept it. For this reason, many employees may receive a copy of Form 1095-C and find it erroneous at first glance. Here is a tip sheet of how to handle potentially incorrect forms.

· If your employee returns the form with questions about errors, first scan the form to ensure that they are correct.

· Should there be errors, you MUST correct the form and re-file it as soon as possible.

· Instructions are furnished with every Form 1095-C, detailing what to do with which applicable error.

· If Form 1095-C was corrected after being filed with the IRS, check the “Corrected” box.

· Should the form not have been previously filed, simply correct the errors, write CORRECTED on the form and return to the employee. You also do not have to check “Corrected” when you fileForm 1094-C to the IRS if it had not yet been filed.

For further questions regarding Form 1095-C, please contact the IRS.

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