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Oklahoma Joins Forces With The DOL To End Misclassification

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by Robert Sheen

The ACA Times reported at the top of September thatPennsylvania signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of Labor, aiming to prevent further Employee Misclassifications. The MOU would arrive in conjunction with a series of campaigns to raise public awareness in the mission to stop the oftentimes costly and controversial debate of misclassifying employees.

Now, Oklahoma has also joined in, as the state’s new initiative with the Department of Labor (DOL) will hopefully end further statewide misclassifications. The Oklahoma Employment Security Commission has announced a Common Interest Agreement with the DOL’s Wage and Hour Division. The three-year agreement will provide an open exchange of data, information and misclassification investigations throughout the state, along with other initiatives to prevent further misclassification situations.

Oklahoma marks the 35th state to join the DOL in this initiative, as contract workers benefits have continued to be an issue especially under the Affordable Care Act where health coverage must be offered to 95% of ALE full-time employees. The issue stems from the inability to determine which contract workers are “employees” who would qualify for such benefits. As the DOL continues its investigation, states are now eagerly involved. To view the full initiative, and to read Oklahoma’s Common Interest Agreement

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