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Most Consumers Satisfied With Marketplace Plans

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by Robert Sheen

Most people who purchased their own health insurance plans through an Affordable Care Act poll_150408marketplace say they are satisfied with their plan’s coverage and features, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation survey. A large majority (74%) rate their coverage as excellent or good. Most (59%) also say their plan is an excellent or good value.

Majorities also say they are “very” or “somewhat” satisfied with key features of their plans, including their choice of primary-care doctors (75%), hospitals (75%) and specialists (64%); what they have to pay out pocket for doctor visits (73%), prescription drugs(70%) and annual deductible (60%); and their monthly premiums (65%).

Compared to those with older non-group plans that are not ACA-compliant, enrollees in marketplace plans are less likely to say they are satisfied with their plan’s choice of primary care doctors and hospitals, but somewhat more likely to express satisfaction with their monthly premiums and annual deductibles. Kaiser said this is probably because many are receiving premium tax credits and cost-sharing subsidies that are not available in non-compliant plans.

The survey is the second in a series by Kaiser that explores the experiences and perceptions of people who purchase their own insurance. This group is most affected by the ACA’s reforms to the individual insurance market and tax subsidies to make such coverage more affordable.

In spite of high overall satisfaction levels, a significant minority of enrollees report concerns about affordability of coverage and care . Most (57%) those in ACA-compliant plans said they feel financially well-protected by their insurance, but nearly four in ten (38%) feel vulnerable to high medical bills. Nearly half (46%) of both those with ACA-compliant and non-compliant plans say that it is “very” or “somewhat” difficult for them to afford to pay their monthly health insurance premium.

Four in ten enrollees in -compliant and non-compliant have plan with high deductibles ($1,500 or more for an individual or $3,000 or more for a family).

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