Ask and Ask Again for SSNs

Ask and Ask Again for SSNs

October 16, 2015 If You Don’t Have SSNs, Keep Asking for Them Many of the forms employers will have to file with the IRS early in 2016 ask for Social Security or taxpayer Read More

Penalties Double For ACA Filing Failures

September 10, 2015 Penalties for failure to satisfy the complex IRS filing requirements resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have just doubled. With filing deadlines approaching, employers should act quickly to ensure Read More
Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore The ACA

Why You Can’t Afford to Ignore The ACA

August 20, 2015 Like all owners of small businesses, the men and women who run construction Companies had more than enough to do before the Affordable Care Act added one more task — Read More

ACA Reporting Update: New Forms, Higher Penalties

August 6, 2015 ACA Reporting Update: New Forms, Higher Penalties By Damian A. Myers Damian Myers is an Associate in the Employee Benefits, Executive Compensation and ERISA Litigation Practice Center in the Washington, Read More

Impact of ‘King’ on Applicable Large Employers

July 13, 2015 Impact of ‘King’ on Applicable Large Employers The Supreme Court’s decision in ‘King v. Burwell’ had ramifications for “applicable large employers” that went beyond approving payment of insurance subsidies in Read More

Time’s Up on Premium Reimbursement

July 9, 2015 Time’s Up on Premium Reimbursement The IRS has taken a hard position on employer payment plans under the ACA, and now the time is up for small employers to comply. Read More

Reimbursement of Individual Policy Premiums

May 13, 2015 Some employers choose to reimburse employees for the cost of individual health insurance coverage rather than establishing a group medical plan. But these plan don’t comply with the Affordable Care Read More

Compliance Checklist for Employers

May 4, 2015 A reference tool to help understand what is required for them to comply with the Affordable Care Act, and the timeline for compliance, has been prepared by the law firm Read More

Robert Sheen to Speak at NNAHU Expo

May 4, 2015 Robert S. Sheen, Editor-in-Chief The ACA Times and President Trusaic, Inc., will speak about the Affordable Care Act at the 2015 NNAHU Expo, May 13 in Reno, Nevada. The conference, Read More

Planning for ‘Cadillac Plan’ Taxes

April 23, 2015 Because of the Affordable Care Act, employers may face a 40% excise that tax on health insurance plans that provide “excess” benefits – commonly known as “Cadillac” plans. Employers should Read More

Accenture Sees Hypergrowth in Private Exchanges

April 12, 2015 The global firm Accenture says private exchanges, which enrolled 6 million people in 2014, will double that number next year and reach 40 million enrollees by 2018. The growth in Read More

First Capitol Featured in Business Journal Article on ACA

April 2, 2015 Companies with fewer than 100 employees who think they don’t have to worry about the Affordable Care Act until 2016 “missed the fine print,” says an article in the Los Read More

Article Provides a CEO’s Guide to Obamacare

March 24, 2015 An article by ACA TimesEditor-in-Chief Robert Sheen providing CEOs with a brief “Guide to Obamacare” has been published by CEO Magazine. The article is also available on the magazine’s website. Read More

Most Employers Not Ready for ACA Reporting

March 12, 2015 Here we are, months into the first year when have to track and store data for the Act, and fewer than one company out five feels ready to do what Read More

Justices Hear Arguments in ‘King’ Case

March 5, 2015 By Robert S. Sheen, Editor-in-Chief Attorneys for the King v. Burwell plaintiffs challenging a key the Act, and for the Obama administration defending the law, presented their conflicting views before Read More

Article: ‘Standing’ Could Halt King v. Burwell Case

February 17, 2015 King v. Burwell, the lawsuit challenging a key part of the Affordable Care Act that is now before the Supreme Court, could be dismissed a technicality, says ACA Times Editor-in-Chief Read More

A Closer Look at the “Hire More Heroes” Bill

February 10, 2015 By Robert S. Sheen, Editor-in-Chief Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) has introduced the “Hire More Heroes Act,” with the goal of providing an additional incentive for employers to hire military veterans. Read More

In Brief: ACA Tax Planning

January 13, 2015 With the start of 2015, it’s not too early for individuals and companies to think about tax planning. Following are some Affordable Care Act-related issues you may want to consider. Read More

How The ACA Can Affect M&A Deals

January 6, 2015 Compliance with Act requirements is an issue for all companies, but it can literally be a deal-breaker when one company is thinking about acquiring another one. Robert L. Jensen, the Read More